Full-Featured Personal Edition of Sourcery CodeBench

Just got this,if anybody interested:

[quote]Thank you for downloading the command line based Sourcery CodeBench Lite edition.

Ready to upgrade to the IDE-based version of Sourcery Codebench?

There has never been a better time to do this – due to popular demand, we have extended our pricing promotion for the Personal Edition of Sourcery CodeBench. Regularly priced at $399, is available for just $99! Click here to purchase and use code srt99 in the promotional code box during the checkout process.[/quote]

What do you get for that hundred bucks? Are there no limits?

I think at this stage I’m leaving firmware stuff to those who know what they’re doing…

An alternative if even $100 is more than you’d like to spend: CoIDE (www.coocox.org) is a free IDE for ARM build on GCC and Eclipse. It has built-in debugging, deployment and supports a good range of ARM Cortex-M devices.

That said, I’m tempted to pick CodeBench up for $100. :smiley:

@ Brett

I guess so. I just got that offer info in my e-mail and thought I would share. Maybe somebody was thinking about getting CodeBench.

@ andrejk,

I’ve been using CoIDE for over a month now to develop code for the ST-Discovery board and am quite satisfied with its performance. And, it has native support for the ST-Link programmer/debugger.

Be aware that CodeBench does not support ST-Link and, according to thier sales team, there are no plans to add it.


@ Synapsys,

have you found any downsides to CoIDE? I have been using Atollic for about a year, but there latest release V3 has a 32k limmit imposed, so I wont be using it. Just downloaded CoIDE and will give it a try.

@ Davef

No, not really. It’s a little tough to get a new project setup but all in all it’s a workable environment.