FTP Server or File transfer over Ethernet

Hello all,
I am looking into upgrading from NetMF to TinyCLR. All seems ok except the FTP server used on G400D.
I am currently using Reinhard_Ostermeier work to transfer log and configuration files over Ethernet.

Is there an official FTP server library available for TinyCLR OS?
Do you think the same library (in NETMF) will work on TinyCLR?
Would you advise me another solution to send those files (>1MB) over Ethernet using TinyCLR OS?
Http could work for configuration but what about log files.

Thank you a lot for your help.

No official library yet but you can use the she I’ve you haveb used before.

My 2cents :thinking:

Maybe this is could also work for sending log files. For instance, with TinyCLR you could create a HttpServer and then write your log file to the appropriate http request response stream in chunks. I believe your browser will download the file until you end the stream. Maybe a page that could list the log files, click on the file you want to download to begin the process above. Of course you will have to set the appropriate headers for this to work.

I tried to implement transferring a large file from PC to G120 in chunks through a web server in NETMF4.2 on , but I didn’t finish it. I would like to have this opportunity in TinyCLR. Or see a ready-made and working solution.

We will try: