Frying pan soldering

I’ve just run a test to see what happens if you put a board on a frying pan on a gas hob to de solder some parts. It works quite well.
Next test will be to try it the other way round to littery cook up a module.
Anyone else tried this with any joy?

Frying pan?! And no video :frowning: you can do that to us, you just cant :frowning:

When using a frying pan to solder, I recommend extra virgin olive oil instead of flux.

Nah. EVOO is overrated. Try coconut oil. Much healthier, and tasty, too! Great for frying chips!

Don’t know about frying pans but this looks about perfect for a one-sided gadgeteer size PCB :slight_smile:


Sorry Gus :slight_smile: I didn’t think to video it. I will video the solder paste test though so you can all see the results

I have used a normal electric stove plate before for soldering. Works especially well when there are big pads under the parts…

I used a vitroceramic stove + aluminium block and an IR thermometer to measure the temperature of the block.

My first attempt learned that the IR thermometer gave me the wrong temperature due to reflections of the aluminium block, which is why the first board almost burned away :slight_smile:

After that I used a modified pizza oven from a friend :slight_smile: