Frozen spider

In the process of debugging my SD card issues I seem to have frozen my Spider. Visual Studio sees it but can not successfully deploy an application any more. Unfortunately, it is buried inside a pressure housing so I can’t easily power cycle or hit the reset button. Both MFDeploy and the cool new GHI Configuration Tool can see a EMX_Gadgeteer in the Device Name list but pinging results in “No response from device” I’ve tried using the Plug-in->Debug tools in MFDeploy to “Reboot CLR” and “Reboot and Stop” but no joy there either.

I’d like to make sure I’ve exhausted any other options to get my Spider back on line before I have to open the can so suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks - Gene

At that point, I’d whip the case open.

One common cause of being unable to attach the debugger is an intensive process kicking off and not giving any free time to the debugger. Sometimes it’s beneficial for you to add a sleep for a few seconds at the start of your app, or @ Mike uses a closed contact/button to signal whether to proceed with full app running. Then, your app can start and you can still attach debugger and erase/replace code etc even if you make a bad code in another part of your app