From Design to Oxygen

Added SPI to the Mix with a few lines of code …


Lubbly Jubbly

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ooh, is that a 4.4 port ?

@ Brett - Eh, Yes !!! Kudos to all parties involved to make this possible :dance:

This is all developed (well, kind of) on Win10 1511 with VS2015 Update 1 machine targeting NetMf 4.4 and with the Oxygen binaries from and some add-on sources changed to 4.4 as well. From here serialwifi/src at master · PervasiveDigital/serialwifi · GitHub and here Vecc.Netduino.Drivers.Ili9341/src/Vecc.Netduino.Drivers.Ili9341 at master · veccsolutions/Vecc.Netduino.Drivers.Ili9341 · GitHub the latter one I have just changed to NOT use Netduino but to NetMf …

Cool. I actually hadn’t seen/remembered that Justin had pushed a 4.4 build out, so really I was just prodding to see if I could guilt him into it. Seems he was one step ahead of me - lets not tell him though, otherwise he might get a swollen head over it (not that being a step ahead of me is anything to write home about ! :slight_smile: )

Good to see you using the Vecc driver. Like you, my local repo of that removes netduino from the namespace, and my initial pull request got rid of the (unnecessary) dependency. Plus the last flurry of activity we did on this helped get the rotation issues sorted.

Aren’t you leveraging the Neon driver for wifi? (that’s the one piece I have that I haven’t played with at all… really should one of these days)

Yeah, I’ve used Neon b4 on 4.3 but there where some hickups and memory thieves as well. Don’t know if that was caused by my flawless code or something else … On 4.4 I’ve only gotten as far as using NTP, first time compile and deploy, instant success (what else would George say) but later on I made some code changes and had to disconnect every second time so got back to the easy ones, but will continue later … so keep watching here @ GHIs for the continuing story …

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There’s a 4.4 branch of the Neon code on github - I broke it up into shared libs so that I can produce both 4.3 and 4.4 libs in a single nuget installation. There are a couple more assys to refactor before I can test and push to nuget (-prerelease). 90% of the work is refactoring - there wasn’t much code change, so if you build from source, you can fork, retarget projects to 4.4 and build, and you actually come out pretty well.

There is a socket reuse bug in the current nuget 4.3 package, but I have the fix ready in the new 4.3/4.4 fork.

I’ve got quite an impressive backlog of almost, nearly, probably-mostly-done projects like this and I am planning on powering through as many as I can this weekend.

XBee and Neon/serialwifi 4.4 are closest to done, followed by Scratch 2.0 (which is proving to be a problem child), so expect them to land in roughly that order.


… and Neon has been revived …

… and we have still got some memory left …