Has anyone used this with FEZ?


I have played with it for a short time after someone else did shown the link on the forum.
It was nice to see how it worked but it was a bit messy when you wanted to create a schematic to draw, expertly when you know how to use eagle. On there thing i missed was the possiblity to make Double site designs.

But it has some nice futures.

Tried it once. Good idea but seemed a little simple when I played with it. So I still use Eagle.

I actually did post about this a while ago, maybe this could be used with the NETMF emulator?

The emulator is made to be extended so in theory you can do whatever you like with the emulator.

It’s just that someone needs to sit down and do it… I think that’s the big hold up ::slight_smile:

Maybe this could be a new contest?

So it’s got both Arduino and Basic Stamp uh? NetMF definitely needs to get represented there and fast.