Fritzing parts

Has anyone created any Spider/Gadgeteer Fritzing parts?


Yep, Architect(?) has done most of them. Search for Fritzing and you should find the link. I’m not where I can get to my link.

I am not sure if there really a point in doing that. Visual Studio does great job visualizing main board and connected modules.

Fritzing part for DuinoProto however makes sense.

The rest of them are on my blog and here on wiki. I will also put them on github soon.

Ahh, but some of us live outside the modules :slight_smile:

In this case, it was for showing a prototype, so really only needed an extender module fritzing part. I was able to work around it in any case.

I added the pin numbers in MSPaint.


I can do Fritzing part for connector.


Any news regarding Fritzing for Spider and/or extender part ?