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Fried Panda?


I think I fried a Panda board. I was actually just testing some analog input code. I don’t think I overloaded it, but I guess it’s possible I put a pin into the wrong slot in my breadboard. (But I highly doubt it–the 12v source was far away from the input pin.)

I am using the onboard 5v regulator to power a MAX7456 OSD chip but the draw on that device is pretty small and I have been doing that for days so I doubt that’s a factor. And if it was, I supposed I’d fry the USB port or power regulator, not the Usbzi chip itself.

In any case, I took everything off the Panda, tried connecting with the bootloader button pressed, but no dice. When I plug USB in, the LED lights dimly and the Usbzi gets hot quickly so I disconnect it. The computer doesn’t make the plug-and-play sound so no hardware is detected. I plug another panda into the same USB port and cable and it work OK.

So other than breaking out the SMT soldering supplies, is there anything I can do to salvage it?


Yup, smoking hot panda sounds like it’s fried sorry. Not sure what country you’re in, but i’m happy to repair it for you - i’m in Australia.


No way. I was waiting to see osd working! I will give you mine

Send an email to GHI directly and tell them Gus has a free panda for you :wink:


Gus… I’ll take you up on it, and even better, I’ll post my MAX7456 driver when I’m done. It’s about 2/3 done now. I have another Panda I may be able to canabolize in the meantime from another project.

@ Mark – I appreciate the offer! I’m in the US so shipping is probably going to be a killer. Add on the cost of a new USBizi 100 and we’re probably up to the cost of a new Panda.

I was thinking about this–I’m using a pretty cheap ac to 12v dc adapter to power a camera and test voltage measurement (using a voltage divider to get <3.3v). Could a noisey/spikey 12v dc stepped down through a 4.6k/1.0k resister divider still carry enough bad mojo to Analog In 0 to fry my Panda? I had a 100uf cap on the line but added a 2200uf after this happened.


no that was not the cause


then it must have been that Divide by Zero bug :wink: