Friday R&D

Running at 915 MHz.

Tested out to 78m thru trees, the house and a shed with zero packet loses - peeing down with rain so i have tested it any further :slight_smile:


old loop road - dead end st. Only in New Zulund.


What’s 78m? Is it meters, miles? It’d be nice if it’s miles :wink:

Edit: ok, ok it’s meters!!! What’s sooooo special?


78m isn’t too bad when it’s being peed on.

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Once you have all the pieces to the puzzle then you will realise how special it is…

Casablanca probably has some weird radio spectrum laws which means you can’t play on the cool kids sandpit anyway :joy:

Its some sort of GPS trackable module, that I think can monitor temperature and humidity also right?

This one only does temp.

Where does the rocket engine attach to?

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Patience my young padawan

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I will most definitely patiently wait for some sonar modules :stuck_out_tongue:

Next stop a nice bath in Freon then off on the silver bird to Oz :slight_smile:


Were not in Kansas anymore Toto!:baby:

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But @Brett is a wizard :rofl:

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oooh yeah. You’ve seen my magic over a stove…


why the Freon?

Because it was ozone killer

Makes it shiny :star_struck:

Strange we have the largest hole in the ozone layer :thinking:

make sure you don’t breathe any lol

Down under we do proper field testing :joy:


Made possible by Cyclone Hola staying a long way away…

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