Friday panels


they’re a bit boring aren’t they? Got hardly any little thingies on each one…

How about this one? Spot the whoopise :flushed:


top row, 3 from left, LED looks um, wrong… either that or every other one is upside down and that one is good. But yeah nah they’re pretty tame as well

Nope - keep guessing

its not that the VREG is 180* wrong is it? (or a diode, whatever that SOT6 / SOT23 package is)

Yup, Lipo IC is arse about face - pays to check PnP settings before pulling the pin :rofl:


I almost got it. Rats.

Two of them are correct though. Don’t throw all of it away!

I fired up the hot air and started fixing them before i decided to take a picture to show my faux pas :joy: