Friday Build

Yup, its already Friday down under

Out of the oven and ready for TinyCLR 1.0 :slight_smile:


Nice but still a 411 … you can do better …

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Mouser order already inbound with 412’s :rofl:

you were right - I am wetting myself now I’ve seen !!

Quick and dirty BLE test :slight_smile:


Brilliant, as usual !
(despite the dirty test) :wink:

@Justin - You could get a bigger/faster MCU if you used a smaller BT module like

@munderhill Yes the BGM123 is an excellent solution but since the plan is to offer Helium for sale i wanted to keep the cost down as much as possible and the BLE module on Helium is only 1/3 the price of the BGM123.

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@Bec_a_Fuel - i know you French fellas like quick and dirty :joy:

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@Justin - What no update this Friday? :disappointed_relieved:

What size is that LCD?

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I was going todo a Friday update but have been side tracked with a customer creation, maybe I should show that ad its pretty funky…

1.3in 240 x 240 pixels which equates to 260 dpi :grin:

Funky is always fun!!!

You should submit this for the Hackaday Square inch competition :smiley:

Hugh me boy, i know you English fellas are not strong on math but surely… :joy:

But i am tempted…

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Hahah visual guesstimates always get me into trouble. It’s whats underneath that should fit though?

Yeah the elecromachanicals are easy to fit in 1sq