Friday Build 2

Yup it’s Friday

Bit of 433mhz Lora madness for a school predator trap competition (dad got a little carried away)

Hub is a STM32F427 running NETMF 4.4 with a 3.5in Nextion display

Node is a STM32030F4 running C++ which a TPL5100 nano timer so it basically draws no current most of the time. Node reads either a hall effect, microswitch or IR sensor on the traps and sends its state info back to the hub every 1 - 7200 secs depending on VR1 position.

** Edit - just measured current with a uCurrent Gold on the meter - 300nA when sleeping :slight_smile:


Well, after a very long absence from this incredible forum, I am rumbled from my slumber by these pictures of exquisite hardware and even more impressive stats.

Nano Amps, does it get any better than that? (I suspect it will).

Looks great Justin.

Looking forward to your LoRaWAN modules for their incredible long distance and low power…and c# heritage.


Precision test with hall sensor and magnet :joy:


new Hollywood movie trailer - mouse hunters

And they said the World couldn’t build a better mouse trap!!!

Justin had to go stuff that idea up!!

Well done, nice work, kids will be proud!

Cased and ready for the competition :grinning: