Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) Softmodem

Hello guys,
I purchase the following hardware hoping to play with it and create something cool with my phone, but I can’t seem to find any FSK C# implementation for NETMF (Obviously).

so i’m trying to take on the task to port the code to C# and before I get started I was wondering if anyone has done this before or have an interest in helping…

links so far:

the Hardware:

The Arduino Library:

JavaScript FSK Generator for testing with PC:

Netduino Discussion on the topic but no info on progress:

and this but no info about his code and hardware:
and here is a finished product using FSK and GHI Fez Panda: Slot deposit pulsa tanpa potongan paling baru 2022 sediakan beragam macam permainan

am I barging on the wrong tree :slight_smile:

I wonder if this will work on a Medusa board? can someone with a Medusa try it and report back please?