Frequency resolution for PWM

What is the discreteness of setting the PWM frequency? I use PWM3.3

pwm_controller = PwmController.FromName(SC20260.Timer.Pwm.Controller3.Id);
pwm_channel = pwm_controller.OpenChannel(SC20260.Timer.Pwm.Controller3.PB0);

Can I set



And what is the minimum and maximum frequency?

yes, you can do that, it will give you 909.1Hz

on SC260 50MHz max, 1Hz is min.

I think it would be better to add this information to the page.

And if I use pwm5.1 or pwm2.1, what is the minimum frequency?
I want to set the frequency 0.1Hz

I need to set the frequency from 1ms to 10s with a resolution of 0.1ms