FREE VS2010 pro For students and people with a .edu email

Hi everyone

Just letting you all know that Microsoft are playing nice and offering a free copy of VS2010 pro to any students and .edu addresses.

They also have pretty much every other dev tool available for free so go nuts.

Also you should ask your university for access to MSDNAA, which is the academic MSDN. I got my VS2010 Prof. from there.

I thought this deal was for 1 year only ( I know that’s long enough for most people)

Cheers Ian

Also if you are planning on opening a software company look at this:

The program offers nearly everything from Microsoft software for free (100$ after exiting program to be exact) that can be used by company employees for commercial purposes as long as:

  • company is not older than 3 years
  • year income is below some level (depends on country)

Great opportunity for start-ups

It is one year but im fair sure you can renew it again once a year. We all know someone with an .edu address