Free Programming

Hey, I cant seem to think of anything to do with my board right now, that is useful to me and isn’t just flashing lights or making sounds. Does anything need programming, like any drivers that need to be done? I can try to help if there’s anything to do.

Also general todo list of programming, lets organise projects here


Write a driver:

Thanks. I guess ill learn how to write drivers then

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Why hasn’t anyone else don’t this? Its been 12 days and no ones made it. Is it really hard?
I’ll still work on it slowly

We were waiting for you to come in and offer free labor.

There are others working on it. Munderhill has shown examples of his work. But no one has released anything yet and Munderhill doesn’t plan to OSS his driver. So, considering the importance of this module I think an OSS driver is still very welcome for the community to create. That being said and I knowing very little about your experience… I might suggest a simpler module if you’re new to writing module drivers. Maybe try writing a custom driver for one of the modules you already have for practice.

@ ianlee74

Yeah, I think ill do that. I have an LEDstrip I can play with, and a tunes module.