Free GPS Ultras

Now that Skewworks has been invaded with shiny new GPSUltras we’re giving a few away for free!

Just like us on Facebook and comment what you’d do with one and we’ll select 2 winners to get one at no charge. (

Or alternatively be named Gus :wink:

The skewworks logo looks pretty good on the PCB.

Just like you in FB skewworks .

@ Skewworks - Liked.

I can see putting this together with a CP7 to make a beyootiful demo of Gadgeteer for navigation. :slight_smile:

Very nice module!

I just logged in and made my first post on Facebook in over a year just for you my friend. Now I need a bath… :wink:


Yup looks like I had typed a link wrong. Thanks to Brett for pointing it out. I would’ve updated it but FB didn’t like that, so I just killed the post; the link is in the give-away anyhow. :slight_smile: