Free gadgeteer books?

For your convenience, we are now stocking the getting started with gadgeteer book and even selling it for lower than the list price convenience.

Want it for free? Come see us at MADexpo in couple weeks :wink:


Deal! :smiley:

How is device working on the cover?

There’s nothing plugged into socket 1 (something I am now very aware of) :slight_smile:

You guys get to have all the fun :). I hope we get some pics…

@ Gus - Awesome, Gus!

Can’t wait. I’ve got several projects cooking, and you can finally see my Gadgeteer helicopter project in person. :slight_smile:

@ Gus - You forgot the link to register:

Less than 2 weeks until 3 days of awesome! :smiley:

Can hardly wait

This is very cool ! It will be nice to meet every one.

Are there any evening events how about drunk electronics :slight_smile: maybe not

I think there is an evening event. If not we can always go to the ocean front.

Get me drunk and I will tell you about the next fez lol

@ swestcott - I think we’re still looking at what we can manage given budget, timing, etc.

@ devhammer - I was thinking more meet in the hotel bar sort of thing informal

@ swestcott - I’m sure that can be arranged. :slight_smile: