Freakin' Easy! Web Server demo

Combine our FEZ Hero Chris plus networking expert Joe plus Webmaster Josh and you have a freaking easy web server in few hours.

The page has bidirectional flow. The potentiometer on FEZ will make changes on the page and at the same time, clicking buttons on the page can toggle LEDs or send text to the display.

This is just a starter :wink: We look forward to see more amazing work done by you.

Here is a video for you.This will be demoed at maker fair next week
[url]- YouTube

Looks great, Gus!

How did you get all of that client side code on the FEZ? Are you using a uSD card?

No SD card. all are in the internal flash memory ;D

I wonder if my issues were related to that 2K bug that got fixed somehow. Can’t wait to see the next SDK then!

I clicked on the link and the page says, " This video is no longer available because the uploader has closed their YouTube account."

We have moved our account to

not all videos were moved for technical reasons.

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Here it is: - YouTube

Are you using ajax to do the slider on the potentiometer?

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