Framework Latop

(if it supports eGpu’s then I got to have it)

The short: The laptop has hot swappable I/O ports (ethernet, USB, ssd, display port etc) that are just USB type c modules which plug into the sides. There are 4 of them. Already on that company’s forum they are discussing making a microcontroller expansion for the device. To that end. I think Gus should make a TinyCLR module and stick a gadgeteer port on the outside of it. That way Gadgeteer’s ecosystem would be supported on launch day.

That is a cool laptop. Finally, a company designing a laptop to be upgraded. Might have to consider that for my next one.

I don’t get this concept.
Can you replace the CPU with a new generation?
Or when new graphics card with PCI-E 5 comes out will you be able to stick that in?

You can upgrade storage and memory, which you can do so in most laptops from all manufacturers.

On the website, they’re saying the motherboard is easily swappable (laptop CPUs have been soldered to the motherboard for years)- whether they will provide support in coming years, allowing you to buy new motherboards with new CPUs is still up in the air.

edit - right on the front page:

“Available in three configurations of Intel 11th Gen Core i5 and i7 processors, offering fantastic performance, great power efficency, PCIe 4.0, and Intel’s new Xe Graphics, delivering a massive leap over previous generations. Even better, the Framework Laptop is the only high-performance notebook with a replaceable mainboard that lets you upgrade to new CPU generations if you ever need a boost in the future.”

The concept is that: everything in the laptop can be repaired and replaced or upgraded. I can’t tell you guys how many laptops have been sent to me to fix that I could do nothing about other than replace the motherboard. And doing that is usually a 2-hour job for which I could only charge people $50 (USD equivalent). Simply having a laptop with a motherboard that is intended to be replaced easily is a big game-changer. Further, I’ve had instances where it’s the screen that’s been damaged or the chassis that’s broken. Those are even more tedious to fix if at all. People don’t like to hear that they need to spend $500 (USD equivalent ) on a new laptop; at least in my country.
Further, if they publish the form factor of the mobo, then 3rd party manufacturers can make replacement boards. I for one might like to instead of having an Intel CPU get a RPI cpu but with perhaps a software defined radio inside (because you know :wink: )

But more to my original point, a TinyClr should be developed for this form factor even if it’s just to showcase the power and possibilities. A gadgeteer port on the side of a laptop would be a huge win, IMHO.

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