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Gus and team,

would it be possible to have the users page back? (the page that listed all the users)

It’s not really critical, but i (and probably others) would be interested to see since when a user is registered, the number of posts, last time seen, …, general statistics (don’t we all love statistics? )













+5 :wink:


Doesn’t every other forum have a user list too?


I don’t really get it… But, if it’ll help you guys out I’ll vote for it :slight_smile:



This forum had it too, but it was removed during the last major “facelift”.


The forum does have it,


This came back with website update. There is more to come on that page as well.


@ noob123 -

Yeah, this is an old thread where we were asking for it. Since then GHI has delivered. I think it would be safe to close this thread.