Forum suggestions

Just a couple of forum suggestions.

  1. Having the ability to Like someone’s post (Similar to what happens of FaceBook)

  2. And while we are at it, some people might find a FB/G+ Like/+1 useful here too.



+1 on that




+1 :slight_smile:

Hm, I added that to my products and blogs; maybe I should put it on the forum too.

This is an easy addition but how would guys look at the end? Maybe automated post with “Gus likes this”?

I was thinking more along the lines of each “Post” in the thread.

The attached pic is from Yammer which we use at work.


This shows on the very top? It is okay to link to to other forum if you have examples in mind.

It shows exactly as it displays in my previous post, under the post. Excuse the crude photo shopping, but included a mock up picture below:

So when you “like” you are doing to one of the replies not the whole thread?


And the Facebook Like/G+ is the whole thread.


But then we’d never get to send “+1” posts… :frowning:


Maybe have something like this in the suggestions forum :wink:


Maybe make the forum slightly more mobile friendly. The mouse-over pop up on the Unread topics page takes over most of the screen on my Android phone and it is hard to scroll through the other topics. This textbox doesn’t fit the width of the screen, so we have to scroll left and right.

I’d also like a Twitter button so I can tweet some of your brilliant contributions.

Allow more than one picture upload. This would encourage people to show more of their stuff. Alternatively have some kind of project photo album with a comment trail.

I’ve been long time member of the XDA Developer forum and I’ve seen that forum grow into a very large and active community. Much like what’s going on with the TinyCLR forum nowedays :). The XDA forum has a “Thanks” button in each post, the usernames that hit the thanks button are displayed on the ottem of the post in small size font and a there is a thanks meter below the profile picture (like the exp points).

A voting system for suggestions would also be a good idea, but it should be clear that the final decision to implement the suggestion lays with GHI. Some user might get expectations when there are a lot of votes for a suggestion.