Forum suggestions for next GHI Processor

I would like to first say that this is in no way a negative post or a bitch post, so please don’t anyone take it that way.

I was very excited to see the new Hydra kit, but disappointed to see that GHI selected a processor without an internal MAC/PHY. Seems sad to me to have that speed but to be slowed down by a SPI based Ethernet solution.

As some of you know i am in need of more MHZ than the EMX module, and a smaller package than the ChipworkX. I hate to even mention it, but something very much along the lines of the Topaz i.MX25 module. That module to me is very much exactly what i am looking for.

I would think that creating such a module would help GHI sales much more than kits would, because you are only going to sell so many kits, but you can sell a TON of modules. Kits are like printers and modules are like ink cartridges.

OK, here is my point. I know that no one solution will fit everyone. But i was thinking that when the dust settles at GHI for the new hydra, and they start thinking what will the next module will be, maybe instead of GHI picking the processor, they could start a thread like this one and provide x number of processors to choose from and have the community vote on what they would like to have.

I completely understand what you say but you do not know what GHI is planning :slight_smile:
Remember that you are thinking from your own needs. Plus, you have an assumption that Ethernet is faster when using built in MAC, which is probably not the case :slight_smile:

FEZ Hydra is not “the ultimate FEZ” (this is saved for later) but it is, by far, the best open source NETMF linux-capable board on the market and it costs under $80.

Not only that, FEZ Hydra must-have-options were, EAGLE, open source, cheap. Where would all this fit on a processor like the one on topaz? :slight_smile:

We are just getting started my friend so stay tuned.

no prob, just very anxious to have a all in one compact tiny module “from GHI” that includes LCD & Ethernet, which i can buy and slap onto my main board and ship out the door.

EMX? You know Hydra is 4x to 5x faster so is 4x what is stopping your needs?

Simple, a click and buy module like the EMX.