Forum Search & Tips

The forum search has been updated and we’d like your feedback.


It is good to have that page close by.


Finally!!! Still hard to believe in that :slight_smile:

Sorting is very nice. Really useful.

What I would also like to see is grouping by threads. To reduce cluttering.


I agree sorting is GREAT!!!

@ Simon from Vilnius - You mean order by topic or board ID?

@ Josh - this is a great improvement. Thanks!

Yes. But… I don’t think its working correctly. I don’t see the options to sort until after I’ve run a search. If I change the search option then, it doesn’t re-sort the results I’m looking for. Despite the fact that my query is still in the search box, it comes back with an error saying that I “must enter term(s)”. It should just re-run the current query and return the results re-ordered.


Also, it would be useful to have some date range options. Sometimes I know I posted something to a thread about 6 months ago and it would be useful to be able to ignore everything posted since then.

No, I meant that it would really be useful if the results from different posts, but the same forum thread, would be grouped somehow. For example, if I search for “g120”, it list lots of post from the thread “Introducing G120, a low cost, feature filled NETMF System on Module (SoM)”, but if I am interesting in something specific, I have to scroll a lot. So it would be nice to see them grouped.

An idea… What if [em]threads[/em] are shown instead of [em]posts[/em]? Threads (or topics as they are called here) are rather short and specific in this forum. Usually, there’s no problem in reading it all, so diplaying topics only would give an instant overview of what was found.

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This is strange. I can bet the first time I’ve tried sorting it worked. That’s why I was so happy. Now it doesn’t work for me, too.

@ Simon from Vilnius - Did you try g120 is:topic

The sorting was working before a change altered it. It’s working once again now.

Search is now unified. Feedback welcomed.

Should we change the name Search & Tips? Do you find it confusing or hard to find? Please, let us know.

“Forum Search” perhaps?

Search Details
Advanced Search
Search Reference

…anything that has more meaning to what that page is.

Perhaps remove the search box on the page (since it’s at the top of every page) and just call it “Search Tips” without the ampersand?

Yes but make it red

Is it possible to have the most recent matches first instead of last?

Do you mean by default? There is an option to change order.

@ Josh - I looked all over for it, but its fine where it is. I just now found it. When I first saw it I saw “Search Tips” I didn’t see the “&”. I think just “Search” would be good enough. When you get there you see the “Tips” which is very nice.

yes… or save the options when changed.