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Forum Search function


Missing it so much :wink:

Please, come back!


Is the search top right not any good?

It seems to work reasonably for me…

Oh by the way Architect… SD card as Mass storage remember!! I’ve updated to Beta… Doesn’t work again now…

Cheers Ian


It used to allow you to go the thread it founds.
Now it just shows whole post which makes the list very long for me and you can navigate to the thread.

Advanced search is missing too.

What was the original thread for the Mass storage issue?


I will put back on and retry it when I return to work… I brought it home with me to do some serious programming!!! Its the only time I get.

Cheers Ian


Also the search result often contains the same post multiple times


Oh I finally found the ‘Search’ button! It was moved again!


But you still can’t link to the thread you need - you can see a post, but you can’t then go to the thread and read up on all the things that were talked about before/after the post that had your keywords.


Started to get better. ;D Now I can go to the found thread.

Very long list with multiple entries is still a problem though.


No search expert, but smells like the Query needs a Distinct added? Maybe adding a hash column (calculated and inserted during the ADD operation) would allow a fast distinct?


Another thing. After you perform a search the search button stops working. You need to hit ‘Back’ and type in your new query