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Hello [notify]Gus[/notify]

I’ve been having a hard time with finding information on this wilderness of a forum. There is just to much data. Is it possible to have the search results sorted in reverse chronological order? (or have an option button).

Also, there have been cases where a person would respond (like [notify]Architect[/notify]), and he would say “This topic would be the prevue of Errol” <- or some other person. How does Errol know that Architect is pulling him into the forum conversation? It think it would be cool to have a NOTIFY tag that allows posters to ping another user (via email) that there is a topic on the forum that they should see. The basic rules are: You only get 1 ping per thread, and you have to allow people to ping you in your settings.

Just some thoughts…

Best Regards,


We will be working back on this forum in about 2 months.

We do not “notify” because this can be a way to spam people. I will put this request in.