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Seems people are on wait for new version of TinyCLR OS or similiar news


yeah, it’s been very quiet lately! Who has something brewing they’re about to unveil? (not me :frowning: )


We have just hired 4 new brilliant developers. Also, there is a lot of planning and talking internally.

Actually 5 :nerd:

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if you need to hire any trouble maker count on me :smiley:


Well do your planning and talking on this forum, we need some red meat to deal with.:slight_smile:

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What beagle bone capes would you like to see? This is one of the million questions on the table!

Software Defined Radio <- yea I wish.

I dunno, how about a cape that looks like a mini bread board.

I’m waiting for someone to announce a cheap (tens of bucks), small (less than a RasPi), tinyclr-enabled, RJ45-LAN and couple of IOs featuring board that I could use as a replacement of the beloved Gadgeteer/Mountaineer Ethernet Mainboard.

Given the (assumed) need for easy to understand/program/debug boards that are LAN-enabled (for connection stability/ease of use) and below-RasPi in terms of complexity I really hope to see some one day :wink:

Like the G120E? All you need to do is to add the magnetics.

I thought about that, too. But then if it first needs to be extended (add price for PCB and magjack, and then also micro usb or power plug) it does not beat the Mountaineer one. Which also needs less (none) soldering and has some other goodies like RGB led and buttons already included.

Seriously, if there was a low budget version of the G120E (less IO/feature stuff but not dropping the PHY) i’d probably go that route.

I guess, we can design a breakout board with the magnetics, SD card, USB client and host, and some buttons.

I am here, but projects are on the low side, following the latest developments with great interest. Seeing lots of interesting stuff for future projects. Keep up the good work!

Granted I have no clue about what I am going to say, but I have thought many times why aren’t there more people porting tinyclr to other platforms. If a guy could get it to run on something like this that would be sweet i think.

I greatly appreciate your effort, @Mr_John_Smith. I might take you up on that offer once :slight_smile:

It’s less the design part that bothers me, but the production. My soldering skills are somewhat limited, I don’t have a hot air station (but I might buy one for the right project) in order to solder the small/close connectors that e.g. the micro usb connector has.

@VersaModule that, and give it an ethernet connector :wink:

By the way, does anyone know why network ports are still that large today? Is there a (semi) standardized small network connector?

RJ45 is the only standard there… it’s all about signal integrity

I’d let the board house do the PCB assembly for those common parts. e.g. SeeedStudio

Oh sure, and when I ask if you have openings, its “sorry, not hiring!”

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I wish we can afford you :wink:

Again seems everybody was tired from weekend :smiley:

need some coffeine(-news to stay) awakening from Quiet Mode …

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