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Forum Login Feature Disabled/Not Working?


Not sure if it is just me or with other as well, but It seems that the Keep-me-login feature in this forum is either disabled intentionally or not working at all. Never work for me on either laptops.



Do you have cookies enabled?


Looks like I have cookies enabled, see image below



Does it work in other browsers?


It works fine for me in IE FWIW.


Works in FF FWIW


Chrome works fine ;D


Ok sounds like something to do with my IE 8 settings. not big of a deal i will just live with it.


Have you tried deleting your browing history?


Here is the solution for IE8.0.

Turn off your InPrivate Filtering (Tools>In Private Filtering) or choose the settings option and then ‘choose content to block’, scroll down the list and find any reference to and allow it.
or just simply Turn Off the feature.

Hope it helps someone else.