Forum - links - changed behaviour?

Hi there,

“this one’s for you Josh”…

seems links to other pages/topics/code/external sites now all load in the current window - in the past they used to be forced to open in another window/tab. Deliberate? Personally I know how hard it is to make a decision on this, I see the benefits in both, but for me in Fezland I liked it opening outside the forum post so you can refer to them both at once.

Click your middle mouse button, most mouse support this.
This will open the link in a new tab. That’s what I use. :wink:

i use ctrl-click since my middle button doesn’t exist - I use my laptop almost 100% of the time and the trackpad is a 2 button jobbie :slight_smile:

Really, all I wanted to do was alert that this was a change in behavior; if it was deliberate, great, if not, then it’s been flagged to Josh who can put it on his change request list… it’s not a biggie at all

The proper behavior has been restored.