Forum : I suggest to improve search functionality of forum messages

Dear Sir,
I’m quite new at this forum (first day / my first message to write) -sorry in advance if the topic is a kind of repeated feature request or obsolete.

So, my suggestion to improve the search functionality of forum messages the following ways:

-search filters (like only in certain sub topic, only for a certain time of periode, word operators like search FEZ Hydra words BUT NOT e.g. EMX).

  • +extra filters and signes as e.g. certain question is answered and/or close or not.

Without these functionalities it takes huge amount of extra times and efforts to find something ‘usefull’ in TinyCLR.

Thanks in advance,


@ Peter - If it has not been said yet, welcome! Improved search has been at the top of forum user requests for some time. GHI is aware of our collective angst on this topic :slight_smile:

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We actually hand filters but we never explained they work. We will be revisiting this soon.

@ Gus - Hand filtered? Ha! You are definitely getting an auto-correct TShirt for Christmas.

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Is that why the searches were so slow?

What is the meaning of ‘hand filters’ ?

@ Péter Seszták - “Had Filters”

Gus is notorious for iPhone spelding hense the comment from @ ransomhall “You are definitely getting an auto-correct TShirt for Christmas.”

Actually, I think he meant to say “We actually have filters…”

@ ianlee74 - tomato, tomatoes - it’s all the same init? :b

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That is funny. I meant to say “have filters”

To a Time Lord I suppose “have” and “had” would mean the same :wink:

@ ianlee74 - lol

The search seems “additive”, which I always found strange. Search for a particular word, and you get a nice list of results. Add another word, and you get MORE results. Search for Atmel and you get 118 results (119 now with this :)) Then search for Renesas and you get 6 results. Search for atmel renesas and you get 123 results. :-/

@ Brett - “atmel renesas” gives you one

But there are now at least three posts that I think have both those search terms in them. A “normal” search restricts the results the more keyword content you add. it’s like it’s using an OR not an AND.