Forum hot keys!

Arduino Forum moderator Nick Gammon finds himself typing in the same things over and over again while responding to questions within the community. On the list are links to primers about interrupts, serial, and debugging; plus there are also few phrases and markup tags. To make his life a little easier, he used a 16-key keypad and the Arduino Leonardos capability to act like a USB keyboard to make all these strings one pushbutton away.

Sometimes it feels like we need this :slight_smile:

Well, we DO have QuickReply…now all we need is the device with which to trigger them. :slight_smile:

I need one of these for communicating with my kids :smiley:

  1. No!
  2. Pick up your toys!
  3. Eat all your food!
  4. Brush your teeth!
  5. Pick up your toys!!
  6. Pick up your toys!!!
  1. no day trading during school hours