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I am not working with NetMF or Gadgeteer on a daily basis, but I do keep an I on the forum on a daily basis. Gadgeteer and NetMF is currently only a hobby.

Today, when I opened up the forum, I saw only the top 10 Unread entries, which sometimes is not enough if you only read it once a day or every second day.

Also, when you scroll down, you see all that white space on the left hand side, and you ask yourself the question “Why not display more Unread entries. There is more than enough space to the end of the page.”

Please, can we more than 10 entries. I cannot remember how many was displayed previously, but it were definitely more than 10…

Also, can we see more of the Topic line, please? In my mind, it is one of the more important pieces of information on that page, but as it is currently shown, it carries less weight than the Codeshare entries for instance :wink: Maybe the Unread block can be made to “strech” the whole width of the page?


Totally Agree!

Clear your browsers cache for the new format to show properly please.

As for unread, have you seen the unread page?

Raising my both hands for a longer “unread” list. 10 items is really not enough for such an active forum. Now even “Latest activity” (what’s the use of it anyway?..) section is longer then “unread” one.

The dedicated “unread” page is too clumsy for a quick glance to get the idea of what’s going on. It just has too much information (author, views, forum, etc.)…

@ Simon from Vilnius - same as earlier question, have you seen this

Gus, yes, I saw. And it is very bad for a quick look - overburdened in text and takes too much space. It is great for anyone just sitting and scrolling through everything, but for me, just peeking every now and then for something interesting, it does not work :frowning:

How about having a setting in the user profile which one could customize what they would like to see IE number of lines in unread list. Number of lines to page and so forth.

Just another idea.

Great. 25 entries. Much better. Thanks.

I agree. The current landing page gives you a nice overview of happenings in the forum and for a newbie like me, that is very important.

However, I would like to see that the unread list goes over both columns with more of the topic line being displayed. Hovering a mouse over the topic to see it full text, for just about every entry, is distracting.

But, this is just my ramblings as a newbie. All you guys are doing a great job in opening up a whole new world for me :wink:

The new site looks pretty, but we are back on the default number of list entries in the dashboard of 10.

Can we get our 25 rows back, please? For a busy forum like this one, 10 is just not enough.


You can use the “unread” link on the dashboard, you end up at which is the full list of unread items (paged to 25/page).

Like you, I used to use the community homepage to see my items, but now I just use the unread page…

So what is the use of the Dashboard page if you cannot use it?

The Dashboard page gives a nice overview of what is happening on the site. It also contains the links to the important parts of the site on left, like Task Tracker.

The Unread page only focuses on what I have not yet read and with links to actively manage my posts. Now, unfortunately, I am looking at this site from a very dumb hobbyist eye, so for me, who does not do a lot of posting because my skill level is not there yet, actively managing my posts is not my main concern. However, reading about what is going, is. :slight_smile:

So please increase the number of lines on the Dashboard page. The previous length of 25 was a good limit for someone who only visits the site once a day. Please.

I too want a longer list. With the current website theme, 25 might be too much, but what about a compromise? 17, for example :slight_smile:

I’m also using the Dashboard (what was the Community page before) mainly.
And there mainly the unread items.
Before there were 25 unread items, now only 10. 25 was enough at my reading frequency, 10 is way to less.
Before the 25 items needed as much space as now the 10 (more or less) On my laptop I can not see all 10 items without scrolling (when fully scrolled up). The vertical resolutions (specially on laptops) are really :wall:
Before it was easy to see if there are more than 25 when I was at the end of the list, now I need to scroll up again.
Before I needed 1 click to get back to Community page from anywhere, now I need 2 to get to the dashboard.
At least I got used to the new pale look.
btw. the smilies (or emyois? as they are called now) still have the issue to be inserted at the end of the text and not at the cursor location.


Are you interested in looking at every unread message? What if each item could be cleared by clicking a button? As you clear each item another appears at the bottom of the list until all have been cleared.

@ Josh - I’m not interested in every message, but with a list of only 10 elements, interesting topics can get easily burried. Buttons might also work.

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I agree, a way of easily working through the list might work, but a longer list will work just a well. A longer list might just be easier to implement because I am sure the number of items to display is hidden in the Web Server code for this site somewhere. :whistle:

I’m not reading every message. I’d love to have that much time for that
So clicking it to “read” Status would help too.

Yippeee!!! :dance:

25 lines are back.

Thank you.