Forum bug:edit reply

Think I’ve figured out the bug where posts are duplicated. Post a reply. Edit that post. Before you submit the updated post, someone else posts to the thread. Then submit the post. The original post stays as is, the edited post appears after the other posters entry.

This is a 2013 feature :slight_smile:

Let’s test it here. Updated.

I am replying. :smiley:

Seems my update went through without creating a duplicate reply. Does this occur consistently Brett?

I guess one of you needs to hit edit - then some else post then submit your edit…

@ Justin - This is what was done.

Goodo - i was just looking at the time differences and wondering if you had…i know your all smart chaps…

PS - Architects pink needs to be a little pinker :smiley:

Not that I know of - I couldn’t test it but that’s just what I did on an edit when someone else posted… so I couldn’t test without coercing a buddy like you did, but I don’t really have anyone I could rely on to do that test.

One other factor that may have come into it, but I doubt, was that the thread was at the tipping point of a page full of content, and my “duplicated” reply went into the 2nd page.