Formatted output

I’m new to C# and Fez Panda II and .NET 4.1. In the Microsoft docs I’ve seen references to a string class and formatted strings using notation like:

string output = String.Format(“At {0} in {1}, the temperature was {2} degrees.”,
dat, city, temp);

I can’t seem to make it work.
Is it available?
If not why not?
Any alternative?

String.Format() is not available in NETMF. Why not? Who knows. Alternative? Concatenate like so:

int i = 1234;
string foo = "foo" + i.ToString() + " is the only way";

Note - ToString() is not required in my example, as it is inferred. It is there for readability.

Also, in general, it is helpful to tag your code examples to make them more readable.

Thanks for a very clear and concise - although disappointing - answer.

You might try this code They implement string formatting in a StringUtility class. (Never used it myself)