Forget the Watch get the Ring!

Another interesting entry in the wearables race.

That’s not an entry. That’s a concept looking for money. Every shot with info on the ring was CGI. There’s no real specs. No mention of battery life, charging options, wireless comms, etc.

I think the photo of a couple out on what appears to be a date with the caption “Seem Polite.” says it all.

Who on earth would think that is a selling point? I suppose they could have been more blunt and said “be rude and keep up with social media or the score on the big game without getting busted!”

Despite the fact that I did, in fact, back a smart watch project on KickStarter, I’m thinking it’d be really great if the wearable trend collapsed under the weight of its own overblown promises.


You can only click + once but this comment needs way more than this. :clap:

There seems to be way too many CGI or 3D renders on these sites with very little of real working prototypes. I would not entertain anything these days after so many let downs. I’d rather wait and see if it appears.

that’s why Indiegogo seems like such a crapshoot to me - at least Kickstarter has the requirement on the seller to put more emphasis on delivery of the product rather than finishing your invention.