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Forced garbage collection - only in Debug not Release?


I’ve a simple method to write bytes to a file on an SD card:

public void WriteBytes(string filename, byte[] bytes, int offset = 0, int count = -1, FileMode mode = FileMode.Create)
    count = (count >= 0) ? count : bytes.Length;
    using (var fs = File.Open(GetPath(filename), mode, FileAccess.Write))
        fs.Write(bytes, offset, count);

Because I have very little memory to play with I’ve added a forced garbage collection to the write method. Am I correct in thinking that this method only works in ‘debug’ and not in ‘release’?


Are you saying that because it is part of the Debug class? If so, I would not make that assumption. In fact, the Debug.Print is not even optimized out of Release mode. There are two ways to know. Put a print statement showing the free RAM before and one after the Debug.GC(true). Or check the firmware source.


Also, when you connect to your board with MFDeploy, you can see the GC Output, even in release mode.


Thanks both - I indeed thought that the Debug class methods would not run in ‘release’. On this occasion I am glad to be wrong :slight_smile: