For the XBEE owners: The XBee Network Protocol

Just came across this: XNP - Xbee Network Protocol

More info can be found:

Cool, thanks for sharing.

The quality of the documentation on this site is outstanding !

It seems from reading the tech specs that XNP should work even better on FEZ devices because of their higher RAM capacity, and higher CPU speed capability. It would be VERY interesting to port this to NETMF and try it out.

Kris (the author) has been demoing his RiderNet project over the last 6 months or so on Adafruit’s Saturday night show and tell G+ hangouts. It’s a really cool application of this technology - worth sifting through the archived videos. Somebody on the horse farm has a big gadget budget, and I’m glad he is continuing development on the XNP stack.

@ jasdev - yes, this would be a sweet port.