For module developers: how to update our own drivers?

For those of us who have created modules, is there a process/guidance we should follow to provide updated drivers?

Looking for porting and standards information, mostly, and also if there’s anything we need to do to package. I have zero Arduino experience at this point.


One option would be to add it to the git repo we will make public later. Maybe others have good ideas add well?

Let’s fix Gadgeteer so that it delivers drivers via Nuget and takes advantage of the auto-updating abilities already built into VS!

Adding drivers to the Gadgeteer Git repo doesn’t help if we can’t update them ourselves.

For now, I think the best you can do is host a Git/CodePlex repo for your “company” and expect everyone to seek them out :frowning:

This is Arduino not gadgeteer.

although dated, here is some thoughts on repositories from Arduino community:,73531.0.html

Arduino uses github to publish the development environment: GitHub - arduino/Arduino: Arduino IDE 1.x

a search of github Search · arduino · GitHub yields 13,015 results

…seems like github would be a good place for a repository

It would be nice to get some kind of entry on/in

GitHub gets my vote.

@ ian, Nuget would be wonderful, but this is for Arduino. MS tools don’t factor in.


Doh! I’ve got to stop assuming everything on this forum is Gadgeteer related :smiley: Could we add an Arduino/Gadgeteer logo in the corner or something to help prevent this mistake?

Breadcrumbs on top left shows Arduino :slight_smile:

Yea, yea, yea… :wink: