For MAC Book owners

This week I had a major Storage SAN crash, very unlucky becouse 2 disks blowed up in a Raid5 array where only 1 broken disk is safe !
In the meantime restoring 6TB from backups, I reused my Mac Book Retina (updated to last patch) with VMWare Fusion 5.0.3 running Win 8 x64 for vs2012 development. My MAC book has USB 3.0 ports.
With my big surprise I discovered that the GHI FEZ boards (tested Spider, Cerberus, G120) and also my STM Mikromedia+ board work fine for development, deployment, debugging (vs2012) and firmware upgrade (FEZ config 013), with the exception of G400 that is correctly seen but can’t be used (no deploy, no debug, no fw flash). I don’t know Hydra.
Few months ago this doesn’t work if I remind correctly.

@ dobova - I have always had good experience with Fusion and the Premium products, with the exception of the G400. I believe I have had problems with Cerberus when loading firmware, but I can’t remember if I have tried deploying.

I have found it is simpler to use Bootcamp on the MAC for OSHW devices.

Mike, I remind wrong probably.
I can’t find anymore the forum thread relative to Mac Book problems. But I remember that no board did work on Fusion for me.
I need fusion because I use many different windows env and my mac retina has only 256gb of SSD disk. So I attached a thuderbolt external driver for windows.