Font size greater than 3 not showing up

Hi all,

I have an application that tries to use a font size 32 but the text does not render. There is no exception and during import of the XML file I can see that the font is being detected correctly and the Font manager does return the correct font when loading. The Glide library does appear to contain the fonts as I get a value when it returns from the font manager.

If I set the font to 3 it renders. Anything greater than this and it fails to render.

Am I missing something here?

As a follow up, I think this might be due to the size within the application being very different to the size within the Glide online editor.

I change to 4 and it works if I increase the vertical size of the textblock. Same as for the 32 (size 8) font. Using 7 works.

I’ll just stick to using 1 size smaller than the online size allows.

While the .netmf and the whole porting project is an awesome and daunting undertaking, the Glide codebase is far from mature. I stumbled upon at least four distinct text renderers doing presumably the same thing though in different ways, so if anyone comes upon this bug, try using other controls too :wink: