Font definition file

Could someone please share a generic font definition file (.fntdef) that is working for them in TinyCLR. I need to make sure I am configuring some of the settings correctly (and in the right format).

Thanks !

Save following two lines in text file with name Arial.fntdef. Then run “GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.FontConverter.exe Arial.fntdef Arial.tcfnt” and I think it should work. You’ll have to change name of FontConverter .exe file to match version you are using. Good luck!

SelectFont “HE:24,FN:Arial”
ImportRange 32 122

Sorry, but you may have to retype the quotation marks in the .fntdef file. It seems that the forum changes the regular quotation marks to left and right quotes, so a simple cut and paste may not work.

Thank you very much. I got it working. I was not sure if all the font characteristics needed to be defined.

This is also handy for now .NET Micro Framework

I have a coworker trying to create a font definition file and he keeps getting a command line error called “unknown option? SelectFont”. He has the exact same syntax on his file as mine. Any ideas on what may be causing this fault. Thanks.

SelectFont “HE:48,FN:Arial”
ImportRange 32 122

its possibly carriage return / linefeed related?

I’m not sure if you copied directly but the quotes in your example are those smart-quotes that won’t work. You need regular ".