Fona SIM808 module/ NetMF/G80

Has anyone done any .netmf drivers for the Fona SIM808 gsm/gps module?


I want to use this module with the G80th and hopefully/eventually with tinyclr (to provide sms/gps/tracking capability for my rocket)

It’s just a simple AT command set, but I didnt want to reinvent the wheel if anyone else has done anything with this


4 minutes. It took 4 minutes to get an answer. You guys are slipping.

Why, I remember back in the day when I would get all my questions answered within 30 seconds. :frowning: Now I have to wait around for 4 minutes???

(just kidding, that is awsome BG, thanks :slight_smile: )

Just an FYI, T-Mobile is the only carrier in the USA to support 2G. AT&T just ended 2G in January 2017.

we too in AUS have a decreasing 2g coverage, only Vodafone and Optus support it now, and those are sunsetted. I expect the same will happen in NZ where @ Mtylerjr is, but the scale of the IoS (internet of sheep) there means they are probably a little slower to decommission the 2g network :slight_smile:

Yeah, there is a lot of shutdown of 2G -voice- services, but 2g [em]data[/em] services will be around for at least another 8 years avccording to vodaphone"

“Vodafone has said it will continue to allow data devices such as electricity meters to connect to its 2G network until at least 2025, regardless of when the voice service is shut down.”

I’m just going to use the SMS capability, not voice. My rocket is going to text me it’s GPS location.

I launched a much smaller C-engine rocket a few time over the weekend with my son (no electronics) and we both lost sight of it when it passed 1000ft or so. My son did pick it up again (his eyesight is much better) and we found the rocket again, but I cant rely on visual tracking for the big G-engine multi-stager. It will need to txt me it’s landing coordinates.

It just occurs to me that I will be launching a G80-TH module with a G80-7T engine.