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Following what USBClientController state changed?


I’m trying to run keyboard emulator that send some key every x seconds,
I saw that it’s work only when the USBClientController state is running.
usually the USBClientController is in attached state.

Do you know how can I change the state manually?



I do not think you can


Maybe I can cause state change somehow?
sometimes it’s in ‘Running’ state and I don’t know what is depends on.


Isn’t it “attached” when USB is plugged in and “running” when the drivers are loaded? (When windows calls USBSetConfig).


I thought so, but also after I ran:

kb = USBClientController.StandardDevices.StartKeyboard();

the USBClientController state is “attached”.


What do you see on device manager where you have the USB plugged in?
What happens if you unplug and replug the cable back in?


I work with rs232 for debugging and the USBClientDP connect to another PC.


Yes, I know :slight_smile: What do you see on the “other” PC device manager.


nothing changed in the device manager when I unplug and re plug the cable back in :frowning:


Do you see a keyboard?




What board re you using?




We will look into this