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FmRadio Module - How to get sound out?


I am trying to work with the FmRadio module. It seems simple enough, but I don’t get any sound out of it.

It will seek to and set a channel. But no sound through a speaker. Here is what I am doing:

  myFmRadio.Volume = 100;
  myFmRadio.SetChannelConfiguration(FMRadio.Spacing.USAAustrailia, FMRadio.Band.USAEurope);
   myFmRadio.Channel = 97.1;

I expect at this point to hear radio coming out of the speakers - but no. Anything I am missing?


IN fact, adding the RadioTextChanged event handler returns
"Kiss On My List by Hall & Oates on 97-1 Charlie"

Very cool - not that I want to hear Hall & Oates necessarily, but eventually there will be something I do want to hear.


Well, not “Fight For Your Right by Beastie Boys on 97-1 Charlie” either, but I really think that sooner or later…


OK, looking into the interface, I see that Max Volume is 15. Still no sound.


OK, the audio cable wasn’t plugged all the way in. It was tight.

If I disconnect the audio and then plug the cable in again, I get about 1/2 second of audio and then it stops. This is repeatable - unplugging audio and then plunging it back in gets 1/2 second of sound then nothing.

Any ideas at all anyone?


Wait, I tried a different speaker and it seems to work OK. I think I am back on track. I don’t know why it doesn’t work with the other speaker that works fine with my computer.


@ Blue Hair Bob - the speaker may have a low impedance which is causing the chip to shutdown the audio. the PC can drive the low impedance.


That makes sense! Thank you very much. Audio is not my area of expertise. I appreciate it.
Now that it is working, I am looking forward to creating something and adding the I/R remote.