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Flow Meter


I am new to this hardware/firmware building/coding. And think it would be fun to learn. I also have been researching about Flow Meters and have found one, but I am curious if someone could help me understand what needs to be done or if it can be done to connect this to one of the boards and software created against it.

The Flow Meter is a Koolance INS-FM17N and the link is provided.

Any advice/help is appreciated…


Welcome to the forum!

Have you seen this project:


That is a very cool product they have there… I guess I just need to dive right in and try to build something with this flow meter… I guess I am just nervous about wasting money on some hardware not really knowing how to do something like this…


This would be fairly easy to interface. This type of flow-meter emits pluses based on the flow rate; more pulses per second = greater flow. The frequency is low enough that you should be able to use a interrupt capable input to capture each pulse.


There is an example on the book on that subject …