Flea support usb CDC

Just want to make sure before I buy the wrong products but:

Do all SIT core devices support USB CDC? including the Fez Flea?

FEZ Flea does support CDC

See almost bought the wrong thing.

Only the devices that support USB client have CDC then?

Yes, we will correct that information.

SC13xxx supports CDC.

So then the Flea and the Pico do support CDC?


Lol, okies. I wanna try out these Fez Fleas first. Super Excited!

Do I have to switch the debug port to UART 1 (TX1/RX1) before using the USB_CDC? Does this need to be done with the TinyClr config app?

By default, USB client support is used for deploying and debugging applications. However, deploying and debugging can be switched to a serial mode using MOD pin, freeing the USB Client port to serve other purposes.

TinyConfig is not required. You can use TinyClr to release the debug function as part of IP protection making the USB Client port available For CDC.

Ok, then, which pin is the MOD pin on the Fez Flea? I see it on the schematic but I don’t know where on the board it is located.

I am awsy from my Flea. The schematic shows the MOD pin to appear on TP3. Is TP3 labeled?

No, Tp3 is not labelled on the board.