FLASH Module Driver

Just received the FLASH Module
Is there a driver for the module yet or is the tinyfile system on codeshare supposed to be used for it?

Check Tiny File System:


No module driver yet.

@ MikeCormier - The Tiny File System was written specifically for this module, unfortunately I never received the module (Postal issues of some sort) so I was never able to test it on the physical device.

In theory :slight_smile: it works, and one of the users here @ rpizzo seems to have had some success using it, he has setup the SPI for the device, so hopefully he can share the setting required for the device. If you do use it I would be very interested in your feedback.

I should also mention, if you just want to perform raw access to the device you can use the class ‘MX25l3206’ which is found in MX25l3206BlockDriver.cs code file of the TFS. This is based off code published by GHI, but optimized to minimize GCs. This class provides the very low-level access to erase/read/write directly to the flash memory.