FLASH File System Module Driver with a 16 Mb Flash chip

I’m using a 16Mb FLASH chip instead of the standard 4Mb flash. It works fine using the standard GHI Flash driver after I downloaded the Flash_42 source code and changed MAX_ADDRESS to 0xFFFFFF and I can access the full 16Mb.

However, now I would like to use the Flash File System. By default it just use 4Mb of my flash chip, and there does not seem to be any way to change it. I could also not find the source code for the FLASH File System anywhere. It is still very useful, but if there is a way to use the full 16Mb then that would be even better.

So my questions are:

  1. Is there a way to force the FLASH file system to use the full 16Mb of my flash chip?
  2. Is the Flash File System source code available somewhere?

Check this codeshare entry:


And the discussion thread:


@ KiwiSaner - Using the code from the links that Architect posted, you have two choices, you can either modify the existing black driver to return the correct size From the DeviceSize property or you could write a new block driver based on the existing one.

Thank you both very much. I was unsure originally if the Gadgeteer Flash File System and the TinyFile system is the same thing. Thanks for helping me on the right path.