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First wiki page contribution - wiring and controlling HD44780-based LCDs


The HD44870 is one of the most common LCDs out there, so I thought a page letting people know how to wire and use it would be helpful. GHI’s “LCD Keypad” shield is a great price, but for playing around with a cheap display or building a final product I think the information is helpful.

This is my first FEZ-related Wiki page, so constructive criticism would be appreciated. I plan on doing one per week, but I’ll be getting caught up - I have a couple additional “tutorial” Wiki pages coming.

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Feel free to be blatant :slight_smile: I’m sure I missed stuff, put little effort towards proofing. Also, I know there has been some confusion about driver licensing, so hopefully my usage of the GHI driver is okay if it has not yet been opensourced.


All GHI driver code is licensed under Apache2, which mean you can use it anyway you like but you only have to keep the GHI copyright header in the file. So go ahead and use the code anyway you like.

You may want to link this from the wiki? (you are using the wrong drivers I think)

Still nice work and 200 experience points are yours


Thank you… though had I seen those before, I wouldn’t have written the Wiki page, or at least not so much :slight_smile: I’ll add those in.

Thanks for the points, much more coming! I’m doing the 3G Wiki page next, as I think that’s one of the coolest things and demonstrates how powerful and quick FEZ is. Learned to interface the 44780 with the AVR many years ago, could never have dreamed of doing PPP, 3G modems/etc on the AVR!