First Video camera(Serial Xamera)

I have FEZ Raptor Mainboard +Display TE35 Module + Serial Camera Module, hook up to 4 port on the board, and copied the code from

condition “if (serCam.isNewImageReady)” always only “false” causing the image on the screen does not appear. Why conditions are always false? and what to do?

I made something similar (also based on this sample) lately with raptor and T43 Display (or CP7, cant remember exactly) and it worked fine for me.

So in that case, I’d try moving the serial port camera socket to a different socket, I’d replace cables to make sure the cables are connected and working correctly, and I’d try without the screen in case that has an impact.

I changed on port 11, changed to a working cable.
Screen works, if it just give a text message.
what determines the property serCam.isNewImageReady?

I noticed that the on-board camera, has no two resistors(R6, R7) is this normal?!

debug serCam
fixed. I deleted in designer T-bond.